One of the biggest keys to success is having routines and systems to be and stay organized.

If I were to come watch you produce in your production space for one day, what would I see? Many of us have stories that we tell ourselves to keep us sabotaging our success.

Getting clear on your routines and becoming consistent will create the compounded effect. Of course there are those isolated moments that impact what you do daily, but your goal is to produce in a relaxed body the majority of the time. As overwhelm decreases, your production should increase.

I want you to ask yourself the following questions…

What are my routines?

Do I have systems to run my business smoothly?

Do I have time in my day for exercise, meditation, relaxation free of guilt?

Am I a producer or am I a procrastinator?

It’s important that you become clear on what you DO daily and what you DON’T do daily.

As you watch the video below from module 2 of my digital coaching program, you’ll learn the three components that have an impact on your production.

Now that you’ve received the content… it’s time to take action. Take this opportunity to evaluate your habits, how you are spending your time, and your productivity. What do you require changing? Is your schedule conducive to production or procrastination?

One of the big reasons people end up busy rather than productive is because they do not prioritize their days, weeks, months, years or lives! In order for you to succeed in your job, business, or life, it is imperative that you prioritize the tasks you require to accomplish.

It’s NOW O’CLOCK! It’s produce time baby.