I know your type.

You want to know the perfect thing to say, ask, respond… or you procrastinate at taking action. You avoid the phone like the plague.

Well… How would you like for me to give you the WHAT TO ASK?…

That’s exactly what I am going to share with you

…to make it easier on you for your initial prospecting calls.

I am going to share the top 10 prospecting SHOULD ASK QUESTIONS.

Now… just because I am giving you this list doesn’t mean you have to ask every single question on it every time. It should be used as a guideline. These questions will assist you to uncover if you have a prospect that is serious or curious. They will allow you to uncover the challenges or problems your prospect has so that you can offer them a solution.

Let me caution you!

It’s important that you adapt and adjust to the flow of your conversation. Don’t ask questions just to ask questions. Find out what’s important to your prospect and let that be your focus.

If a prospect tells you they are unemployed, asking them how many hours they can commit to producing in their business may not be a required question.

The key here is that you have a base of questions that assist you to relax into a prospecting flow.

Prospecting S.A.Q. 


Millionaire BlueprintWhat do you currently do for a career? How long have you been doing that? Is that a good career for you?


Millionaire Blueprint

How much income are you accustomed to in a month or year? How much income per year would allow you to live a good life?


Millionaire Blueprint

Have you ever owned a business before? What kind? How did you do? Challenges? Successes?


Millionaire Blueprint

How much time per week are you committed to devoting to a new business?


Millionaire Blueprint

What has you in a position that you are seeking a business opportunity?


Millionaire Blueprint

Why do you want to own a business?


Millionaire Blueprint

Have you looked at any business opportunities yet? Have you found anything that has appealed to you?


Millionaire Blueprint

What’s important to you when you are looking at a business opportunity?


Millionaire Blueprint

How serious are you about starting a business in the next 30-60 days?


Millionaire Blueprint

Have you set aside $ for start up capital? Are you able to invest $$-$$$ if you found the ideal business opportunity?


Now that you have a list of the top should ask questions… I hope you are feeling more prepared and relaxed to produce in your enterprise.


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