You’ve got that itch! You know the one I’m talking about. It’s that sensation that drives you toward your goals.

If your are like me, you entered the world of free enterprise, entrepreneurship, and sales inspired by having the opportunity to create what the free market will bear.

That means that you can get paid what you, your services, or your products are worth.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Take a look at the entertainment industry. A talented actor or actress has the opportunity to get paid $1.2 million dollars per episode of a sitcom. A top football quarterback can earn $22 million per year. So as an entrepreneur or sales professional, you too have the opportunity to create value and bring it to the market.

So how do you bridge the gap between your value and the market?

You must become a master prospector!


Get In The Game

A master prospector is an interviewer and an asker.

After spending over 25 years in sales, network marketing, real estate, entrepreneurship, and coaching, I have learned what it takes to become a master at the craft of prospecting and I am going to share with you the 5 key lessons I’ve learned so you can avoid the pitfalls. I want you to be able to cut through the trial and error process and speed up your success.

Whether you are new to the game or have been around the block a time or ten, you must understand that your internal communication and dialog is what will set you up for success.

You have to be willing to stay in the game long enough to get good enough and I will show you how!

Are you willing to put in the time to learn the skills, habits and mindset of a master prospector?

I knew you’d say yes. Let’s get into it!


A Master Prospector Sorts And Doesn’t Sell.

What does this mean?

When prospecting in network marketing, it means you collect a decision and move on. You minimize the amount of time wasted on the wrong people.

If you connect with prospects without a sense of attachment, you’ll do much better.

Focus on qualifying them for the following:

  • Your Time
  • Your Products
  • Your Services

Prospecting isn’t about telling. It’s about asking and qualifying.

If they are not qualified, it’s see ya chief!

Don’t get caught up in trying to ask the perfect question. Just ask!

How do you pick up on the clues of what to ask? I’m going to share this with you in the second key to becoming a master prospector.


A Master Prospector Puts An Emphasis On Identifying And Listening To Potential Prospects Instead Of Attempting To Persuade, Convey And Convert Them.

What you are listening for is simple.

You are listening for a potential problem, a challenge or a pain point. And why are you listening for this?

So you can offer to provide a solution to their problem, of course!

Here is something you really have to understand about the process. And this is really a game changer.

Are you ready?

Don’t spend all of your time in closing mode.

80% of your time will be listening for signs, clues and differentiating between words that say HOW DO I vs. WHY SHOULD I?

20% of your effort will be asking and answering questions.

When you are an effective listener, you are in the here and now. This means you are more likely to hear what is meant versus what’s said.

“Uh yeah, let me think about it and I’ll get back with you.”

Which really means…

Your prospect is not able or willing to make a decision at this time and most likely will end up on your M.I.A. list.

Are you starting to see how your game can change when you begin to see yourself as an asker and listener instead of a talker and getter?

Do you want to know why asking is so important?

I’ll tell you in the third key, but first I want you to consider how much time you have wasted trying to convince someone that isn’t interested.

You must listen for the clues.

Umm… Yeah… Uh Huh… Sure… let me get back with you… this sounds good but…

The likelihood of closing a sale with a person who has this type of language style is slim and none.

Slim rode out and None is about to mount up!

Spotting the clues will assist you to understand what people mean versus what they say.

Are you catching on?

I knew you would… Now, let’s get back to understanding why asking is so important.


A Master Prospector Knows How To ASK To GET!

You are in business to get paid, right?

So be sure to ask for the sale!

You set the sale by the sequence of questions you ask your prospect. The questions you ask should uncover a problem or challenge your prospect has. Once you know the problem, you can offer your solutions.

Then… ask for the commitment and BE QUIET!


Address objections and ask any further questions required.

Often times when a prospect objects, they may be telling you that they are emotionally involved and interested. It is your responsibility to find out if there is an opportunity for a commitment.

Don’t expect your prospect to say:

“O.K., sign me up!”

“Yeah, here’s my credit card.”

“This sounds good. Send me the invoice.”

The fear of making a mistake can cause your prospect to be doubtful and hesitant. Objections are predictable. An objection is no more than an unanswered question.

Learn to address the objections by learning to respond:

  • Intuitively
  • Creatively
  • With what you feel

If your prospect has no objections, they are usually not interested. So get good at asking to uncover if you have a prospect or a suspect.

If your prospect can’t commit, you must understand that if you continue to stay on the phone, stay in the conversation, or stay at the meeting, you will be wasting your most valuable commodity.

What is this precious commodity?


If you want to know how to value it, then understanding the fourth key will be eye-opening.


A Master Prospector Understands You Don’t Get Paid For Time. You Get Paid For Results!

Don’t wait to be told what to do.

Take charge and responsibility for your own success.

One of the most important lessons you must learn is that you must be motivated to go through the numbers to produce results.

The key to closing more transactions is scheduling appointments. You can make up in numbers for what you lack in skill early in your career.

You must call enough leads to create a prospecting flow.

This leads me to my next question…

Do you try to reinvent the wheel when it comes to a system to prospect and deliver information or are you too much of a perfectionist to get started?

Trying to create the perfect system can lead to procrastination.

Do you tell yourself?

“I can’t start until it’s perfect.”

“When I have the perfect tools, then people will buy from me.”

“When I redo my website, that’s when people will buy.”

You have to understand where you are spending your time.

and yes… You are spending it!

Time has value!

Leverage your time when possible through tools and resources.

And hocus pocus… stay focused! Your time is valuable, so devote it to the people that deserve it!

Do you want to know one of the biggest mistakes I made as an early entrepreneur and salesperson?

Of course you do. I know you want to avoid the mistakes I’ve made.

Well, here it is…

I used to romanticize the outcome about a prospect.

“This guy knows everyone. I know he will give me lots of referrals.”

“When this woman joins my sales team, she’s going to make me rich.”

“This guy is big fish. I am going to make big bucks off of him!”

You get the picture?

I set myself up for disappointment over and over again. The worst part of it was that I was wasting my time!

The key to remember is that your time is valuable. If you waste your time on people that are not qualified buyers, then you are giving away your greatest commodity for free.

Do you know what your time is worth?

As a millionaire, my time is worth about $3,000 a day. Think about how much money I would be losing if I gave an hour to a prospect that was not qualified!


So, begin to understand the power of time and how you are using it. Focus on results-oriented production.

It’s as simple as that.

My final piece of advice is probably the most profound.


A Master Prospector Understands There Are No Failures Because It’s All Part Of The Process.

What does this mean?

It means you let go of rejection anxiety.

Don’t personalize objections or situations when a prospect is not interested. If they are not interested, then they are not interested! This is not rejection.

“I’m not sure I really want to change the quality of my health by starting on your weight loss system. I don’t think this is for me.”

“This seems really expensive. We can’t afford this.”

Don’t get rattled.  Build up your emotional resilience. You must absolutely and unequivocally be committed to the process!

Learn to let go of dis-empowering thoughts and learn to connect with prospects from your heart.  The game is won in understanding the art of communication.

When someone asks you a direct question, it doesn’t have to reference pain from the past.

As you move into becoming a master prospector, focus on creating results and solutions. Be good at problem-solving.

Belief is required when you are prospecting. Many people will give you all the reasons, justifications, validations and objections for why they can’t, shouldn’t and why they are unable.

It’s important you are able to stay in the present moment so you can ask questions to find out the real reason.

You must stay in your belief and your sense of certainty.

You can say to a prospect, “Why do you feel that way?”

Remember, objections give you the opportunity to trial close.

Start to practice the art of ease.

Please understand my friends that sales and marketing will give you an opportunity to get paid what the free market will bear.

I’ll leave you with this final thought.

Give yourself enough time to succeed! Stay in the game long enough to get good enough.

You will be tested. Have patience.

That what does not break you typically is what makes you!

So there you have it! The 5 keys to becoming a Master Prospector. If you are committed to creating a 6 or 7-figure income, then developing the skills of prospecting is unequivocally required.