You’ve got leads.

So you make the first call and guess what?

The person doesn’t answer.  It goes to voicemail.  You hear the beep.

Now what?

Do you leave a message or just try back later?

Leave A Message

These days, many people are screening their phone calls. If you are prospecting, more likely than not, you will end up being sent to voicemail a time or ten. Don’t let this discourage you. Many times the person will listen to the voicemail and call you back while you are making the next call.

If you leave the right message.

There’s a method to leaving a proper voicemail message that will get your point across quickly and professionally in 30 seconds or less. 

O.K., let’s get to it!

The Perfect Voicemail Message

The perfect voicemail has 5 parts:

  • Greeting
  • Introduction
  • Purpose
  • How to Respond
  • Closing

Let’s take a look at Jeffery Combs’ voicemail script. I recommend you pay close attention to each part.

Then, you will see the breakdown of each section of the message.


O.K. Let’s analyze the copy in this voicemail message.

Part 1 The Greeting

In the greeting, you want to say hello and indicate whom the message is intended for. This is pretty self-explanatory.


Part 2- The Introduction

In the introduction, you will say your first and last name and let the person know where you are calling from.  Your location will give the person context about where you are located.



Part 3- Purpose

In the purpose, you want to inform the prospect the reason you are calling. They may have answered an online advertisement, a Facebook post, a lead capture page or you may have gotten their business card from a referral. Connect the dots for the person letting them know the reason or purpose for calling them and why it would be beneficial for them to call you back.


Take a look at these examples:

Sarah, the reason I’m calling is…

You responded to my online advertisement about starting a business from home.

You requested information about releasing weight.

I came across your business card and was calling to see if you may be open to creating some extra income from home.



Part 4- How To Respond

If the person you are calling is interested in calling you back, it’s important to leave your business number so they can reach you. Then, by letting the person know you look forward to connecting with them and receiving their call, you are reinforcing that they call you back.


Part 5- The Closing

Finish off the message by thanking them and leaving a positive statement wishing them well.  You should fit this to your own language style and personality.


So there you have it. The perfect voicemail message. Try it out today and you’ll see a welcome change in the number of return phone calls you receive!