Great leaders attract great teams. It’s that simple.

The law of attraction states that like attracts like. So ask yourself… What am I like?

If you want to be a great leader, there are traits you must develop.

That’s why I am going to teach you the top five today.

Great Leaders Have Belief

Your level of belief is based on your sense of certainty.

When you have belief, you have core values that are enduring. You come from trust in yourself and the universe.

Belief is one of the strongest anchors you can possess. People are attracted to people with strong belief. When you are grounded in your beliefs, you become a magnet. People want to follow you. They can feel your level of belief… so they trust you. They trust you will get them to the Promised Land.


Because followers borrow the belief from great leaders until they can develop their own.

Great Leaders Are Focused

Focus is about knowing what you seek. It’s about seeing the outcome before you achieve it.

Focus keeps you on course.

It eliminates the chatter and chaos from your mind. It also gets you back on track from distractions.

Focus is about establishing priorities.

As you develop this trait, you shift from goal setting to goal getting. You are laser focused on achievement. You put effort into what will bring you the highest return now.

Focus is when you have a burning desire to succeed. You block out the noise, and you put effort into your habits.

You see the big picture. And you don’t get caught up in distractions.

Great leaders know that what you focus on expands.

So… they are focused on the skills, habits, mindset and the end goal required to reach success.

Great Leaders Are Visionaries

Having a vision is a leadership trait that allows you to borrow from the future. You believe in the invisible. You are a dreamer. You don’t hold onto the past. You know where you are and where you are going. You have clarity about your desired objective.

Your vision is an anchor in times of challenge. The average person sways from their vision…

BUT not a visionary.

A great leader has the discipline and focus on taking daily action. This person is not afraid of adversity. He or she dares to believe his or her dream.

The visionary is driven by an inner knowing of what is possible…

To lead, you must inspire.

To learn more about creating your vision, listen to my podcast: DESIGNING YOUR VISION: FOCUS CONSCIOUSNESS

Great Leaders Are Responsible

Responsibility is your code of honor. It’s your level of commitment. It’s self-discipline… your ability to discipline yourself.

And NO, it doesn’t mean you are going to punish yourself.

It means you follow a set of rules for yourself. You maintain daily effort toward a goal or completing tasks.

Great leaders claim responsibility for their vision. And they can respond daily.

Responsibility means you claim your power to affect results. Great leaders don’t blame their problems on outside circumstances.

Great leaders do the do…

They don’t ask others to do what they don’t.

What does that mean? It means a great leader will make the phone calls. They close sales. They attend seminars and further their knowledge. They network. They take responsibility for their business.

Their ability to model responsibility has a trickle-down effect. This is how leaders grow a strong team.

Great Leaders Are A Student Of The Game

Being a student of the game means you learn the rules of engagement. You learn the process. You study the fundamentals. You learn the skills, habits, and mindset of the game. A great leader stays in the game long enough to figure how to win.

When it comes to the game of entrepreneurship, nothing replaces action and experience. The typical person falls short of success because they fear the process. Great leaders take focused action to learn the game. They understand the value of repetition over time.

Understand this…

The game is always changing. That is why a leader is always learning.

Many people say knowledge is power.

The truth is…

…knowledge is NOT power.

Applied knowledge is power. A leader practices the practical application of what he or she learns.

When you know how to play the game, people will want to follow you.


Because if you can win the game… they believe you can lead them to do the same.

Becoming A Great Leader

Every great leader started at the beginning. They had to learn the ropes. They had to develop the skills. They had to go through ups and downs. They had to learn to overcome their emotions. They created a vision of the future and committed to living it.

So what will it take for YOU to become a great leader?

Dream about your future. Develop your vision. Write it down and revise it as you go.

Then, use the “F” word.


Don’t over-obligate yourself to other people. Focus on your vision and goals first.

Develop an unshakeable belief in your vision. Take responsibility daily for accomplishing tasks that move you forward.

And, finally…

Become a student of the game. Don’t beat yourself up because you are not where you want to be yet. Realize success is a process.

It’s not a lottery ticket. It’s a learning process.