Interview With Brigitte Bartley 8-5-18

by Jeffery Combs

  • Brigitte Bartley is an entrepreneur, network marketer and mother of three boys, ages 17, 16 and 13. Experiencing the positive effects of nutrition with her son 13 years ago, healthy aging and nutrition immediately became a passion to share with others. Becoming a single mom, channeling her passion of nutrition into Network Marketing is the path that allowed Brigitte to create a full-time income while she continued being a full-time mother to her 3 boys. With her desire to travel and own her own business, Brigitte’s focus on mindset, being responsible for her time in production with daily, consistent action, she is now impacting people in their health and finances. Brigitte learned to keep it simple and duplicatable while building her entire business through various social media platforms.
  • Brigitte was a contributing author of a book, The Energy of Happiness, in 2015 which was an “Amazon #1 Best Seller”. Brigitte shares with readers, the woman behind the veil, how she chose to live a life of peace, trusting her intuition, seeing the perfection in every situation she was in, her mindset shift, learning self-confidence and self-respect and creating a life learning that the beauty is in the journey.
  • Brigitte has always been an avid fitness lover, enjoys hiking, yoga, travel and spending time outdoors. As a self-proclaimed “reserved and quiet” woman and through her journey of building her Network Marketing business, Brigitte realized that her bigger vision is to empower men & women with mindset and business skills to thrive. Everyone has a story—and Brigitte is passionate about sharing hers.
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