Prospecting Mastery: The Psychology of Persuasion 7-11-17

by Jeffery Combs

For you to be able to take yourself and your enterprise to the next level you require enhancing your law of averages. To enhance your law of averages you must master prospecting and the psychology of persuasion.

Here is what you are going to learn on this week episode:

  • The science of asking a question
  • Why we don’t ask
  • Rejection cause & effect
  • Letting go
  • A system and a sequence of questions
  • Prospecting: To dig, hunt, and find
  • Who is my ideal prospect
  • Qualified lead
  • Leads are a way of life
  • Qualifying the leads
  • The law of average of prospecting
  • A.I.C.
  • Creating the transaction
  • Teaching the skills of prospecting
  • For more training on how to enhance you law of averages go here and grab this FREE CHEAT SHEET: