The Psychology Of Letting Go: The Recovery Process 6-27-17

by Jeffery Combs

“Letting go” are two of the most misunderstood words in recovery, personal development, and spirituality. Yet it is talked about frequently. And it’s often prefaced with “How do I…”.

First of all, letting go is not a “How do I”. Letting go is a commitment. Letting go is a decision. If you are seeking to release the anxieties, the conditioned behaviors, the reasons, the stories, and the events causing your anxiety then listen in to this weeks episode.

On this week’s episode you are going to learn:

  • Releasing anxiety & worry
  • Inner Peace
  • Reacting VS. Responding
  • 40 million Americans are diagnosed with chronic anxiety disorders. 4 million + use medication
  • The illusion of control
  • Sensitive & Defensive
  • Neutralizing the pain
  • Cause & Effect
  • Avoidance & Procrastination
  • Comparing self to others
  • The skill of letting go: “I AM”
  • Living in your power
  • The recovery process