Letting Go Of Worry: Worry Free Living 6-20-17

by Jeffery Combs

We are conditioned to worry. It’s very common (not natural) for a large percent of the population to worry. Worry is about events that have not happened. Our brains create a placebo effect based on a past event. This effect re-creates the same event in (that has not even happened) the future and we “hold on” to those events that have not happened.

If you are seeking to let go of this perpetual cycle then on this week’s episode you are going to learn:

  • What is worry
  • Why do you worry – “The Cause”
  • What is the value of worrying
  • “I’m under a lot of pressure”
  • Like worry, pressure is an illusion
  • Never good enough
  • Checking out – Waiting till the last minute
  • Anxiety & the perception of the events that create an identity
  • Techniques to let go
  • Become aware & practice letting go
  • Be present