Interview WIth Ron Mueller: Nation's #1 Authority On Small-Business Tax-law And Tax Deductions 4-4-17

by Jeffery Combs

  • Ron Mueller is a United States Naval Academy graduate, and a career Naval Officer who attained the rank of 0-6 (pronounced OH-SIX) which is the Navy rank of “Captain” – the rank just before Admiral.
  • Ron was also briefly an investigative reporter, followed by a second career in Marketing Consulting, where he became the Executive Vice President of the world’s largest marketing consulting firm.
  • Ron then semi-retired and followed his passion of teaching people how to not OVER-pay their taxes.
  • Today, Dr. Ron Mueller is widely referred to as the nation’s #1 authority on small-business tax-law and tax deductions.
  • He is probably best known as the author of his bestseller, “Home Business Tax Savings, Made EASY!” which is now in its 16th edition.
  • His book is the ONLY ‘Plain English’ guide to small-business tax deductions authorized by Congress, and it has even been reviewed by the IRS and approved for its accuracy.
  • Ron has been teaching home-business tax deductions for nearly two decades.
  • He has addressed groups as small as a couple dozen, and groups larger than 5,000, including audiences of more than 120 different network marketing and direct sales companies.