The Accountability Factor: The Daily Habits 10-11-16

by Jeffery Combs

  • Accountability – The ability to account for your actions
  • Accountable – On a job vs. not accountable in a business
  • Why accountability is a challenge for most of society: A) You are told what to do by parents and employers B) Procrastination C) Lazy, Bad Habits, Anxiety D) Facing THE NEW
  • Self-Discipline: A) Self-talk determines actions B) Habits, Skills, Mindset
  • Accountability Partners: A) Coach B) Members C) Teammates
  • Compelling Reasons To Change
  • What You Do Daily
  • Consequences Of Procrastination & Bad Habits
  • The Change: A) Doing what you say, saying what you do B)Following Through
  • Attracting accountable, disciplined, self-starters