Interview with Scott Aaron: Entrepreneur and Fitness Professional 5-3-16

by Jeffery Combs

  • Scott Aaron has been a very active entrepreneur and fitness professional for over 17 years.
  • During this time, he has owned 3 fitness clubs. As a personal trainer, he has given over 30,000 hours of training to his clients.
  • As a sports nutritionist, he has appeared on TV showing healthy eating tips to people who aren’t able to get to the gym.
  • Scott has donated his time teaching Gym Classes at a local Episcopal school and created a charity 5K run called the “Rest In Peace 5K“.
  • Scott sees his career choice as a personal trainer and fitness professional as a fulfilling one.
  • Although giving back and constantly pushing ahead, he was very dissatisfied with the income that came along with amount of hours required to work.
  • He soon realized that all the time spent training clients was trading time for dollars.
  • There was a sense of anxiety that also came from the industry having to rely heavily on his clientele for his monetary means to live.
  • Along with that was the fear of getting sick, hurt, or having a client cancel simply because that equaled the same outcome each time, no money in his pocket!
  • Since that time, Scott has found a way to still assist anyone with their health, wellness, and monetary goals, all while creating a residual income from anywhere he chooses.
  • Presently, Scott is a full time network marketer who now coaches and mentors network marketing professionals, and fitness enthusiasts how to develop the skill set to achieve the financial freedom they deserve, but time freedom as well.