Interview with Dr. Adam Sheck: Relationship Coach and Clinical Psychologist 1-27-15

by Jeffery Combs

  • Dr. Adam Sheck, the Passion Doctor, is a clinical psychologist, couples counselor, intimacy therapist and relationship coach with over twenty years and over 18,000 hours of client experience.
  • He has taught in graduate programs in marriage and family therapy as well as trained 100s of professionals in community mental health.
  • As an engineer turned psychologist, he integrates the logical, left brain with the emotional, intuitive right brain to bring his clients the best of both worlds. He also has enough Brooklyn in him to compassionately confront his clients through their emotional blocks and defenses.
  • He has two primary specialties: first is helping long-term, committed couples reignite the spark and bring back the passion in their relationships.
  • The other is to quickly uncover the relationship blueprint that each of us is programmed with from early childhood.
  • This allows his clients to unravel the cause and effect behind romantic partner selection and to choose healthier relationships.