The Psychology of Habits: Transform Your Habits 3-11-14

by Jeffery Combs

  • Habits shape your life
  • Why we have bad habits (Events)
  • Do you have habits that hinder you
  • To transform you must transform your habits
  • The top habits that hinder
    1. Procrastination
    2. Addictions – Cigarettes – Food – Alcohol
    3. Accruing debt
    4. Be Late
  • I want to change but I don’t know how, I’ve tried everything
  • How to create new habits – Changing the association (Pleasure, Pain)
  • Let go of overwhelm and start with one habit at a time
  • Change your routines, change your habits by learning to observe cues and rewards you can change the routine.
  • There isn’t one formula to change a habit there are thousands. Habits are created by different cravings.
  • Change
    1. Identify the routine
    2. Experiment with reward
    3. Isolate the reason
    4. Develop a plan