Letting Go of Anger: Changing Your Thoughts, Actions, and Emotions 1-15-13

by Jeffery Combs

  • How does anger effect your life and your business? (Addictions)
  • If you carry unresolved anger, that is the effect. What is the cause?
  • Anger in the family growing up.
  • The Faces Of Anger:
    A. Angry Giver
    B. Angry Producer
    C. Rage-aholic
    D. Uncontrollable Anger
    E. Angry Procrastinator
    F. Passive Aggressive Anger
    G. Angry all the time
    H. Victim Blamer
    I. Angry Entrepreneur
  • Letting Go Of Anger:
    A. Change your thoughts
    B. Change your actions
    C. Command your emotions
    D. Forgiveness, and forgive as a process
  • Catching anger before it starts – Letting go of control.
  • Communicate – Collaborate – Connect: Share your feelings. Don’t stuff them.
  • Living in peace. Living in the present