Accountability: Being Self-Disciplined 9-4-12

by Jeffery Combs

  • What is accountability? The ability to account for your actions.
  • Accountable
    A. All employees are held accountable on a job.
    B. It is up to you to be accountable in a new business.
  • Why is accountability a challenge for most of society?
    A. Conditioning – we get used to being told what to do by parents, teachers, employers, and others.
    B. Procrastination
    C. Dis-empowering Habits & Anxiety
    D. Facing the new – the unfamiliar
  • Self-discipline
    A. Self-talk determines action.
    B. Habits, Skills, Mindset
  • Do you have accountability partners? These can be coaches, mentors, friends, or team members.
  • A compelling reason to change.
  • Your routine – What you Do Daily.
  • Understanding the consequences of procrastination and bad habits.
  • The Change – creating a conscious shift.
    A. Doing what you say; saying what you do
    B. Following through
  • The key to attracting accountable, disciplined self-starters!