Transitioning From Adversity to Prosperity: Change How You've been Changing 7-17-12

by Jeffery Combs

  • One of the most common problems I see in free enterprise and entrepreneurship is that people quit too often.
  • Not only to do they quit too soon, they never even start and they often quit too easily and too often.
  • They then go back to what already wasn’t working for them, usually a job, and give up on their dreams.
  • I have found that if you don’t have dreams, you end up working for people who do.
  • In a job, typically, you’re creating someone else’s dream and that’s not to say that jobs are bad, but will you ever get to your promise land, producing results for someone else in their dream? That is an interesting question.
  • Success isn’t always easy is it? And it’s definitely not a sprint, it’s a marathon.
  • Most people quit in free enterprise in their first 90 days, six months or one year.
  • This is a usual pattern for most people; they don’t stay in the game long enough to learn the survival skills required to win the game of their life.
  • They dabble, they give it a shot, they try, they wish, they hope, they’d like to, they think about it, they take little action, get their feelings hurt, test the water and, most of all, treat it like a hobby, then it costs them enough money, so they quit and say, ” It didn’t work for me”, or ” I got burned”.
  • Free enterprise is about going through mind shifts, evolutions of new consciousness, getting out of the box, off the sidelines, in the game, playing offense rather than defense, learning life skills so that you can get paid what you are worth.
  • It is the opportunity to win the game of life on your terms, in your time frame.
  • Quitters never win and winners never quit.
  • Winners learn how to fail more intelligently.
  • Isn’t it time you learned how to treat failure differently? Isn’t it time you changed how you’ve been changing?