Selling Like a Professional:A System to Succeed 7-10-12

by Jeffery Combs

  • Did you know that sales professionals are among the highest paid professionals in the world?
  • Have you ever considered that once you master how to produce within the sales industry, you will have unlimited earning potential for the rest of your life?
  • That’s how powerful the sales industry is, and regardless of the company, product, or service that has led you here, you have the opportunity to learn the skills of the trade and create as much revenue as you desire.
  • The misconceptions of selling – “Do I have to sell anything?”
  • Sales. The highest paid profession in the world. “Embrace sales, don’t avoid it.”
  • Why most people stay amateurs and only a select few become professionals.
  • “Winging it”
  • A system to sell & a system to succeed.
  • Knowing when to close – early & often.
  • All sales have a cycle – knowing your selling cycle.
  • Respect the numbers – the law of large numbers.
  • There is no rejection.
  • Qualify the buyer, find the problems.
  • Why people buy and how to read the signals, tells, and clues.
  • Closing the sale, the key to getting paid!