Accountability for Results: Being Accountable to Yourself 10-04-2011

by Jeffery Combs

  • 1. Are you accountable to yourself? Do you set yourself up for success by taking a step toward your goals and dreams each day? Success is about the habits you create through the actions you perform on a daily basis.
  • 2. Do you have a system you are accountable to? In today’s world, you require a simple system to expose people to your business and a simple process that allows them to move through the information to reach a decision quickly. For a starting investment of $100 – $500, a decision can generally be collected within 72 hours.
  • 3. Accountability partners – Who are you accountable to? A key factor in creating success is surrounding yourself with people who will hold you capable in reaching your objectives.
  • 4. Are you accountable for your word? Your words do not return void – there is energy in what you say. Are you acting on the energy you project to reap the rewards of connecting with those who connect with your emotional message?
  • 5. Are you practical and on time?
  • 6. Do you do what you expect others to do? People know when you are walking your talk and when you live what you preach, they will follow you!
  • 7. Do you procrastinate more than you should?
  • 8. Are you accountable for your time? Whether you are prospering or struggling, you receive 24 hours each day to create results. This is 1,440 minutes; 86,400 seconds! Can you answer for what you do each day?
  • 9. Are you accountable for your goals and dreams? Learn to set goals that lead you toward your dreams and encourage you to stretch and grow to meet them, and also learn to set goals that are realistically achievable within a set time frame.