10 Keys to Class: Transmuting Your Power 7-26-2011

by Jeffery Combs

  • 1. What class is, how you can develop it & how class will enhance your life.
  • 2. Being yourself and becoming comfortable with who you are in your journey.
  • 3. The Golden Rule
  • 4. Creating ways to reward yourself without going into debt.
  • 5. The difference between being a great student and a “seminar junkie”.
  • 6. How to exude warmth, create and spread prosperity, rewarding people for service & value, living and teaching the good life.
  • 7. Common terms associated with class.
  • 8. Why class is not lived on credit.
  • 9. Class is an attitude.
  • 10. Exuding and transmuting your power.