Your Story: Reinventing Yourself 7-19-2011

by Jeffery Combs

  • 1. Reinventing Yourself: Are you in the process of production, living into your new story of who you are becoming or are you stuck procrastinating in your old story?
  • 2. Events shape our lives and beliefs. Events from our past don’t change – it is the story about the event that we either hold on to or let go of.
  • 3. Identify the stories you hold on to that no longer serve you.
  • 4. The connection between our old stories and control.
  • 5. Understanding your present story – why you are where you are now.
  • 6. How to expedite the process of change with a new story.
  • 7. Are you addicted to your old story? How to identify and address these feelings to break the cycle.
  • 8. Creating a daily plan for your present & future story.
  • 9. Storytelling – how to effectively tell your story to achieve a result.
  • 10. Your disciplined story – the story you tell yourself each day to create action and momentum.