The Breakthrough Factor: A Way of Life 6-14-2011

by Jeffery Combs

  • 1. How to identify a Breakthrough
  • 2. How to identify where you are ready to Breakthrough
  • 3. How to create your philosophy of change
  • 4. How to change the story of your life that is keeping you stuck
  • 5. Understanding how Success contradicts Struggle
  • 6. How to identify and release the emotions that create unconscious sabotages
  • 7. How to begin the process of letting go
  • 8. The keys to Asking for what you seek to Receive, and how to reprogram yourself to believe you Deserve it
  • 9. Becoming comfortable with a new identity – creating the person you have always desired to be
  • 10. How to create Breakthroughs as a way of life