The Language of Success: The Power of Words 5-17-2011

by Jeffery Combs

  • 1. Your words are your law- What you say is what you receive
  • 2. All transformation begins with language
  • 3. Do you really know what you say to yourself?
  • 4. Words of disempowerment and indecision: um, well, ok, ugh-hugh, ok-sure, I will get back to you, let me think it over
  • 5. Words of power (superlatives): Absolutely, Unequivocally
  • 6. Is yes part of your language structure?
  • 7. The structure of your sentences and structure of your language
  • 8. Scripted language- Saying the same statements and words over and over
  • 9. Words that sell- Your sales language: 5-15 words that end with a question
  • 10. Leading Conversations
  • 11. Closing and Opening language
  • 12. Affirmations