The Science of Attraction: How To Create Prosperity, Leadership, Success And Happiness 9-28-2010

by Jeffery Combs

In this week’s podcast, Jeffery Combs breaks down the science of the law of attraction. He shares content about how people are generally drawn (attracted) to each other. He discusses the qualities, thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that shape the message you send during every interaction with a potential business partner or customer. He assists you to develop a better understanding of the attraction process, how it works, why it works, and how you can use the laws of attraction to improve both your personal and professional life.


  • 0:30 Announcements
  • 8:30 Attraction and the Law
  • 9:05 Law of Spoken Word
  • 10:20 Feelings of Attraction
  • 13:00 Being and Staying Comfortable
  • 14:15 Self Talk
  • 16:30 Connecting with Yourself and Others
  • 17:30 Voicemail Script
  • 20:00 Recognizing Contradictions
  • 21:20 Raising Consciousness
  • 23:10 Speaking into Exsistence
  • 25:00 What you seek to attract
  • 29:20 Advertising
  • 33:00 Who you attract
  • 34:50 Prospecting
  • 37:50 “GID” People
  • 42:40 Attractive Energy
  • 53:30 Making a Decision
  • 56:00 Let Go and Go