How many of you have been in a relationship, a business, a job… and have hit a plateau or sticking point?

Or you have weight, health or addiction challenges… and can’t seem to overcome them?

How many of you have gotten to a place financially where you’re not able to break the 100,000 a year barrier or the 10,000 a month barrier?

When you are stagnant, have hit a wall… a ceiling or any other obstacle that is keeping you from reaching your goals and dreams… You require a breakthrough!

So what’s the breakthrough formula?

I am going to walk you through the 10 steps to 10X your life!

Let’s jump in…


  1. Understand What A Breakthrough Is…

A breakthrough is when you remove or overcome an obstacle. It’s removing the blocks that hold you back from reaching your goals, dreams and true potential.

  1. Identify The Areas To Breakthrough

In order to have a breakthrough, you must identify where you are stuck. Awareness begins the process because you cannot change what you are not aware of.

  1. Understand Why You Do What You Do

Understanding why you do what you do is another factor to creating change. If you don’t know why you do what you do, then you will continue to do the same thing over and over getting the same result.

  1. Identify The Events That Have Shaped Your Feelings/ Cause And Effect

Events shape feelings. Feelings become a mood and the mood prolonged becomes your personal reality… meaning your personality. Identifying the events brings awareness to why you do what you do.

  1. Understand Your Story

Identify the story you tell yourself about past events or your current situation. Often times you are disempowering yourself by using words and phrases like:

I can’t because…

I’m too…

I’m not…

I haven’t so I can’t…

  1. Collapse The Events

Change your perspective of the events. This is where you collapse your false beliefs and let go of your identity associated with past events.

  1. Letting Go

Letting go is not physical… It is an emotional release. It’s a place where you surrender and release what no longer serves you.

  1. Your New Dialogue With Self

Words do not return void… which means how you speak to yourself affects the actions you take and the emotions you feel. This is where you let go of being critical of yourself and start to create a positive self-talk pattern.

  1. Being And Staying Emotionally Resilient

Emotional resilience means you are able to adapt and adjust to challenges that come your way without reverting back to a past event or becoming emotionally overwhelmed. You stay grounded and are solution oriented.

  1. Awakening Your New Attraction

As you release feelings of guilt, shame, abandonment, rejection and overwhelmed feelings… you open the space to raise your level of vibration. When you are living in love, joy, bliss and enlightenment, you will begin to attract people of similar vibration to your reality.

So what constitutes a breakthrough?

A breakthrough is like beauty… it’s in the eye of the beholder. Only you can dictate what a breakthrough is.

Here’s what it breaks down to…

It’s a shift.

A shift in philosophy… a shift in your emotional state.

It’s a better understanding of who you are and why you are the way you are.

A breakthrough is changing your belief.

It’s changing how you perceive yourself and you can say…

“I am loveable. I am capable. I am enough.”

You DON’T have to hit rock bottom to break through. A breakthrough can be right now when you say enough is enough!